Public Policy Papers Published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Policy Papers published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs: 1993-2008

Gerald M. Steinberg.  “Israel at Sixty: Asymmetry, Vulnerability, and the Search for Security.”  (June 2008)

Gerald M. Steinberg.  “The Bush Visit and Tensions in the U.S.-Israel Relationship.”  (January 2008)

* Gerald M. Steinberg.  “Decoding the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program.  (December 2007)

​* Gerald M. Steinberg.  “Why Are the IAEA and Dr. Mohamme El-Baradei Protecting Iran?.”  (November 2007)

* Gerald M. Steinberg.  “Advice for Mr. Blair: Stop Patronizing the Palestinians.”  (June 2007)

* Gerald M. Steinberg.  “North Korea and Iran: Will Any Lessons Be Learned?.”  (October 11, 2006)

* Gerald M. Steinberg and William Berger.  “Evaluating International Approaches to Security and Aid Following Disengagement in Gaza.”  (December 2004)

* Gerald M Steinberg.  “The International Atomic Energy Agency and Israel: A Realistic Agenda.”  (July 1, 2004)

* Gerald M Steinberg.  “The Vanunu Myths and Israeli Deterrence Policy.”  (April 19, 2004)

* Gerald M Steinberg.  “Learning the Lessons of the European Union’s Failed Middle East Policies.”  (January 2004)

* Gerald M Steinberg.  “After Ghadafi’s Declaration: The Impact of Changes in Libyan and Iranian WMD Policies on Israel and the Region.”  (December 2003)

* Gerald M Steinberg.  “Unilateral Separation As Roadmap Insurance.”  (August 15, 2003)

* Gerald M Steinberg.  “Monitoring the Political Role of NGOs.”  (June 2003)

Gerald M Steinberg, “The Quartet, the Road Map, and the Future of Iraq: A Realistic Assessment”, Jerusalem Letter, No. 489 10 Tevet 5763 / 15 December 2002

Gerald M Steinberg.  “Starting Over After Oslo.”  (August 2002)

Gerald M Steinberg.  “Rediscovering Deterrence after September 11.”  (December 2001)

Gerald M. Steinberg, Israel Looks Over the Horizon: Responding to the Threats of Weapons Proliferation, Jerusalem Letter No. 457   10 Tamuz 5761 / 1 July 2001

Gerald Steinberg. The European Union and the Middle East Peace Process, Jerusalem Letter No, 418, Jerusalem for Public Affairs, 15 Nov. 1999

Gerald M. Steinberg.  “Assessing the Impact of the Indian and Pakistani Nuclear Tests on the Middle East” – Jerusalem Letter/Viewpoints No. 386, 15 July 1998, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Gerald M Steinberg.  “Palestinian Statehood, Autonomy, or Confederation: The Impacts on Israeli Security.”  Jerusalem Letter No. 357 Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, May 1, 1997

Gerald M Steinberg.  “The Cairo Conference on Middle East Arms Control – April 18-9, 1993.”  Jerusalem Letter No. 277 Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, July 1, 1993