Opeds — 2019

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  5. Gerald M. Steinberg, No, Omar Barghouti is not a co-founder of the Israel boycott movement, Jewish Chronicle, October 8, 2019
  6. Gerald M. Steinberg, A Netanyahu-Gantz coalition could be just what Israel needs, Canadian Jewish News, September 18, 2019 https://www.cjnews.com/perspectives/opinions/steinberg-a-netanyahu-gantz-coalition-could-be-just-what-israel-needs
  7. Gerald M. Steinberg, A taste of their own medicine at the UN, Canadian Jewish News, August 31, 2019
  8. Gerald M. Steinberg, Nuanced realism: Israel and the Tlaib/Omar visitTimes of Israel, August 16, 2019
  9. Gerald M. Steinberg, Calling Out The EliminationistsCanadian Jewish News, August 6, 2019
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  11. Gerald M. Steinberg, The BDS Movement and Germany’s Antisemitism StandBerlin Spectator, July 16 2019
  12. Gerald M. Steinberg, ‘Talk to Hamas? It’s not 1986 and they’re not Fatah’, Times of Israel, July 10, 2019
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  15. Gerald M. Steinberg, If rights activists would really fight for rights: in memory of Robert Bernstein Mida I June 15, 2019 (Hebrew)
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